Mobile Paradise ~ Sunshine Wins Photography Contest


Mobile Paradise ~ Sunshine Wins Photography Contest

The Koh Tao Festival that is put on once a year is done so to raise awareness within the local community as well as the western community and the holiday makers. During this amazing two day event there are a couple of side-line competitions that take place, the Film Festival, Mr & Mrs Koh Tao and the Photography Contest.

Sunshine is proud to announce that their very own Instructor won 3rd prize for the Land Category.... the winnings; a 500Baht voucher for the exquisite Indian Cuisine restaurant "Shalimar".

The contest was split up into two categories, Land and Underwater, each photographer was allowed to submit 3 photographs per category, 6 in total. Submission fee for each photograph was 100Baht.

This year, 4,300Baht was raised in total by all photographers, all that money then goes towards funding projects on the island, for the island and by the islanders!

"This year the contest was about showing the beauty of Koh Tao, the diversity, the nature, the island life mixed with the modern day life, what ever maybe represented Koh Tao, or a part of Koh Tao to you.  The photograph I took was taken from a favourite view point of mine, I loved that I was able to show the diversity between a tropical paradise and today's need for social connection,... personally though, I believe its a shame Koh Tao couldnt stay a hidden little gem with no technology  forever" ~ Janis Zutt (PADI OWSI with Sunshine Divers & Photo Contest Winner)