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Summer diving aim


This summer I am lucky enough to have the chance to dive in Mexico. My aim of these dives is to carry out a survey on the number of lionfish i see each dive and at what depth.


The reason why I am surveying lionfish is because it is part of my dissertation that I will be writing in university from September onwards. The invasion of lionfish into the East Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea has been a major environmental issue for the past decade and it is only recently that the 17 countries that have observed this invasion have started working together to find a method of removal that could eradicate this pest from these waters.


I am hoping to collect data from at least 11 dives in the two weeks I am out in Mexico, I have managed to get data from an Institute in The Bahamas, and its been a lot of help, it has covered 2 main things I wanted to cover in my report. I just hope I will be able to get enough data when out in Mexico.

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