Protect the Coral Sea


Protect the Coral Sea

The Coral Sea is unique and unprotected. Can you take a few moments to help protect it?

The Australian Government has released a draft plan for a new Coral Sea Marine Park. The plan is a good start, but leaves most of the coral reefs and important shark habitats unprotected.

Now divers can help improve the plan by telling the Australian Government that we support an increase to the area that is protected from harmful activities.

The Coral Sea lies adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, and is home to 52 species of deepwater sharks and rays, 18 of them found nowhere else. Threatened whale sharks and great white sharks also inhabit the Coral Sea. 

The draft plan leaves most of the Coral Sea's beautiful coral reefs open to fishing, including Osprey Reef, one of the world's top ten shark dives. It also fails to protect other important habitats for top ocean predators such as sharks, tuna and marlin.

It only takes a few moments to ask the Australian Government to improve the draft plan. Please help protect the Coral Sea