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Save the Sharks


Join us this week for Project AWARE’s Big Shark Shout Out,15-23 October. Divers around the world are pulling out all the stops for sharks and taking action for their protection.

You can shout for sharks this week, right from your own chair:

1.       Share the Big Shark Shout Out and donate your status through your own social networks or follow Project AWARE’s Shouts on or

2.       Check out global shouts on our virtual Shark Shout Out Wall: and see what others are doing to support shark protection

3.       Teach or participate in the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty.

4.       Sign Two Critical Petitions and Rally for Signatures with Your Own Dive Buddies:

a.       Make the push andclose Europe’s loopholes: Europe is home to some of the largest fishing fleets in the world yet loopholes in policies allow sharks to be finned out at sea, carcasses thrown overboard. Let’s get these loopholes closed once and for all:

b.      Protect vulnerable species worldwide by signing

Thanks for your support!

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