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We are Scuba Divers


Recently I have created a scuba diving site. It's not as plain as you may think it is, and is actually quite resourceful.

It's called 'We are Scuba Divers'. I made this site as a sort of way to update them: I've included diving news, conservation projects relating to Project AWARE, photos/videos of great dive sites, and links to websites that are useful when it comes to conservation.

This site, I think, is something that you, as a diver, should be a part of. There are no attempts to sell things to you, and updates don't cost, all you need to do is paste the following link;

Commenting isn't compulsory, but if you want to share something with the diving community, the opportunity is there. If you want to ask me a question now, paste this link:

If you want to follow the website (get free, regular updates) then further actions are required, however they're not compulsory. Please do follow me though, as it's all simple and free - I love to see who's been viewing the blog, and who's also a diver!

Thanks for viewing this blog entry - I just wanted to raise awareness!
Thanks again,

If you read this post, look at the website, and think it's a good site, please come back to this page and share this post via email to any other divers you know who may be interested. I'd really like to raise awareness about the site! Thankyou

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