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ID that Fish!

Tokoriki's dive crew have been snorkeling and diving the reefs around the island for over 12 years. Never able to find a fish card for Fiji, they decided to make their own.   Enlisting the help of Will’s Mum Judy, we chose a selection of Tokoriki’s most easily identifiable reef fish then proceeded to paint them.   We hope that Tokoriki’s splash proof Fish Cards will provide a unique memento of people's time snorkelling and diving the reefs around Tokoriki.   All Open Water, Advanced and Specialty Course students are given one as part of their course material package.    We hope that this token will help to inspire others to get interested in aquatic life. (It also makes life a little easier for those divers chosing the Fish ID or Undewater Naturalist option!)   The fish cards are two sided and illustrate and identify over 60 of Tokoriki's most commonly seen fish.
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