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Big Shark Shout Out


Tokoriki Dive Centre supports wholeheartedly Project AWARE's efforts to help rally support and raise the profile, of shark species to Governments around the world.

In our small effort to help we have posted the link to Project AWARE's petition on both our website 'Recent News' page and Facebook page.

A highlight for many guests at Tokoriki, whether they be snorkellers or divers is the sighting of their first shark.

Lucky for Tokoriki guests, it's home reef has been a marine reserve for the last three years.  As such guests frequently get to see white tip and black tip reef sharks. 

Indeed the photo posted is taken of a juvenile black tip reef shark within inches of the shore.  It is an absolute delight to see groups of youngsters cruise the shoreline for schools of silversides which they prey on. 

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