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Whale Watching


2012 has been an amazing year for whale watching and dolphin spotting which started with Tokoriki scuba divers, at the end of July, hearing whale song underwater.  Through-out the month of August  Tokoriki guests experienced three memorable and remarkable sightings of Humpback Whales and countless encounters with Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins. 

The first two whale sightings were on Tokoriki’s incredibly popular Monday Sacred Island Cruise.  On one of the encounters our PADI Divemaster  Vili, lead a few brave snorkelers into the water to observe (from a respectable distance) two humpback whales cruise past.  Unbelievable!

The final sighting was right in front of Tokoriki Island Resort.  Two Humpbacks were first spotted by a couple walking on Tokoriki's beach, as they passed within a stone’s throw of Tokoriki fringing reef wall.  We jumped into ‘Vagabond’ and headed out to meet them. The highlight of their display was a barrel roll right underneath the boat.  14m of huge Humpback rolled towards us, it's vast white belly disappearing  underneath the stationary boat.

This has been the best summer for whales in all our years here, and these were the most jaw dropping encounters!

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