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@TotalDiving, a Scuba Center in Montreal, Includes @ProjectAWARE: Shark Conservation in PADI Divemaster and Instructor Courses


MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA (May 4, 2012) – ’Total Diving - Montreal Scuba’, a PADI Career Development Center, is announcing that PROJECT AWARE’s courses on Shark Conservation are now included in their PADI divemaster and PADI scuba diving instructor training programs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
"Raising awareness about shark issues and fighting many misconceptions and misinformation about sharks is a key element of our commitment to shark conservation and anti-shark finning campaigns" declared Darcy Kieran, PADI Course Director and President of Total Diving Canada inc.
Total Diving is also donating 1% of all their sales to ocean conservation and shark research through their membership in 1% for the Planet. Project AWARE and GEERG are both benefitting from these donations.
"As a PADI divemaster and instructor in today’s world, you must be able to answer numerous questions about sharks. Scuba divers always have questions about shark" said Sebastien Savignac, PADI Course Director at Total Diving - Montreal Scuba.

"We hope other Canadian and worldwide instructor training centers will follow suit. Shark conservation is a major issue and scuba diving professionals are in a good position to make a difference" added Sebastien.
The AWARE: Shark Conservation diver course is being integrated to the PADI divemaster course while the AWARE: Shark Conservation instructor is part of the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Total Diving - Montreal Scuba.
About Total Diving - Montreal Scuba        

Total Diving is a PADI Career Development Center (CDC), the highest rating level for a scuba diving training center in the world. Total Diving is the first dive center in the world to become 101% AWARE and the first in Eastern Canada to earn the PADI Green Star Award. ’Total Diving - Montreal Scuba’ is the first dive center in the world to join ’1% for the Planet" and committing to donating 1% of all sales to ocean conservation including fighting shark finning in Canada.

The Montreal-based dive shop and scuba school has been providing goods and services to scuba diving, snorkeling and freediving enthusiasts since 1975 from its location in NDG in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Founded by Bill Waddell, the enterprise is now owned by Darcy Kieran, an industrial engineer specialized in new product development and commercialization.

Darcy Kieran has been training recreational scuba diving instructors in Montreal since 2000. He is an instructor trainer for TecRec technical diving courses involving the use of mixed gases like helium and enriched air (nitrox), as well as an EFR and DAN Examiner to train first aid instructor trainers. He is an Industrial Engineer graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Montreal, and holds an MBA from McGill University in Montreal.

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