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Cleaning the reefs in Lembongan with turtles & lobsters


19OCT12: We went out to a dive site called Buyuk with a bunch of staff and our current guests.  We jumped in by the little boat mooring harbour area and in the hour of diving we pulled a lot of stuff.


From our haul we mostly had clothing but there was also a good amount of rope/line, some tyres a few bottles and cans and I guess the weirdest thing was a 3 - 4 mtr wooden pole/branch.  A few pieces of metal were also pulled up and there is more to do so the next opportunity we have we'll go back out there.


We did manage to see a beautiful hawksbill turtle and a good sized lobster in the shallow water watching us tackle the debris problem, sadly they were busy with other things so didnt come and help!


I guess the best part was that there was little in the was of plastic bags.  We had a few little plastic sachet packets but no abundance of bags.

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