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Blog 5 – Clearing the Urchins



In early March we finally finished off the last zone “Zone F”. It has taken over 6 months and almost 140 man-hours to do but we have finally covered the entire Amarilla Reef. We are now systematically covering the whole area again and checking for urchins we have missed. So far there doesn’t seem to be too many. The difference on the reef has been amazing. Just the growth of moss, algae and sea plants has attracted a lot of life to the reef and its getting better every week. The visibility has been very good the last couple of days so you can really see how much the area has progressed. Also now that the winter swells have died down the harpoon weed has started to grow back which adds a lot of color to the reef. I am currently logging old and new species and will provide a list on the next blog.

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