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Jul. 28/16

We all have our reasons for giving back to the ocean. For many, the decision to get involved in conservation is rooted in a love for the underwater world, an affinity for the outdoors, a passion for the incredible plants and animals that inhabit this earth. Gary Green’s reason for getting involved in ocean conservation was simple.

He explains, "The sea saved my life. It gave me hope."

Jul. 20/16

Ten years ago, Matt Fieschi was working in the Maldives as a tourism entertainer – playing volleyball, organizing tournaments on the beach, leading snorkelling tours and hosting comic shows. He didn’t think his idyllic island life could get any better… That is, until he learned to scuba dive! After earning his beginner’s open water certification, Matt quickly advanced through training and eventually became a dive instructor.

Jul. 07/16

Like many young girls, Sabrina Marelli looks up to her mother. Throughout childhood, she observed and admired her mother working in a scuba diving shop in Delaware, US, advancing up the ranks to become a skilled diver, master scuba instructor, and eventually dive center manager. At just ten years old, Sabrina followed in her mom’s steps and earned her open water scuba certification.

Jun. 30/16

This week is Discovery Channel’s Shark Week – one of television’s biggest events of the year! Whether you love the infamous programming or plan to boycott the drama, one thing is certain: scuba divers are some of sharks’ biggest fans. As TV viewers tune in to get a glimpse into the lives of these fascinating ocean predators, here at Project AWARE, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight our global network of shark protectors.

Jun. 09/16

With this week’s World Oceans Day celebrations now in full swing, divers around the world are uniting to raise awareness of marine issues and fundraise for ocean protection – fins on and off!

Jun. 03/16

Inspired by his father, a scuba diver of more than 35 years, Jack Fishman learned to dive at just eight years old. When he first donned scuba gear and dipped his head below the surface, he discovered a world without limitation – he was exposed to countless fish, marine creatures and underwater vistas. He revelled at the bright and beautiful colors, shapes and patterns of the ocean world. During annual family vacations in Bonaire, he began to develop a connection to marine conservation.

May. 12/16

What do you get when you put the hearts, minds and souls of 40 dive centres all together on one small island? One of the biggest Dive Against Debris™ actions to ever to take place.

May. 05/16

A professional PADI diver for over 35 years and an educator at Georgia Tech University in the United States for 34 years, Jim Consuegra is an ardent ocean activist. Throughout his diving and university teaching career, Jim has been a vocal advocate for the protection of our ocean and all marine creatures, teaching students and divers to become active participants in global efforts to protect the environment. It was Nelson Mandela who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – an ideal that Jim Consuegra truly embodies.

Apr. 21/16

Debris Activist: Ian Craddock  Location: Wimborne, Dorset, UK  Diver since: 1998

Apr. 18/16

Debris Activist:  Liz Parkinson  Location: Nassau, Bahamas  Diver Since: 2000