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Mar. 16/16

“I have always felt at home near the sea. It’s not only my office, it’s also where I feel simultaneously most at peace and most terrified.” Though she’d never even thought about becoming a scuba diver until a friend invited her to travel to Egypt for an open water diving course, it was inevitable that Jo Roberts – a self-proclaimed ‘water baby’ – would build a life for herself grounded in ocean recreation and conservation.

Mar. 10/16

Since age eight, Rachel Watts dreamed of learning to dive. There was just one problem… she didn’t know how to swim! Despite the obstacle that lay before her, Rachel added scuba diving to her ever-growing bucket list and continued dreaming about the day she’d take her first breath undersea. Rachel had always been interested in nature, frequently exploring rock pools at the beach during her childhood summer holidays and marvelling at the vast expanse of ocean before her. Her fascination and curiosity fuelled her ambition – she was determined that someday, she’d become scuba certified.

Feb. 18/16

Scuba divers are used to descending great depths in the name of conservation, but how often do we look up? With a great love for the world below the sea, teenage ocean advocate Stephanie Wooley set her sights high above – she’d climb Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness for ocean protection.

Feb. 03/16

The room had been transformed into an undersea fantasy: halls lined in blue and green satin resembled seaweed and salt water while floating balloon fish and jellyfish lanterns bobbed at eye level. The Caribbean Calypso beat “Under the Sea” pulsed as guests entered the space, welcomed by cascading bubbles and underwater video footage projected in grand scale on the walls. Belgian scuba instructor and ocean advocate, Tori Daenen, was celebrating her 40th birthday in style with 60 of her closest friends and family at her side.

Jan. 21/16

“When you’re a diver, you’re going to run across turtles with missing limbs,” Kim Porter shars bluntly. Though at first a bit shocking, Kim’s matter-of-fact statement reflects an unfortunate truth that too many divers know well: marine debris is not only unsightly, it’s incredibly dangerous to ocean animals and their environments.

Jan. 07/16

Scuba instructor Virginie (Giny) Pinto, like so many other dive leaders, loves introducing her students to the thrill of scuba. Nothing makes her happier than sharing the awe and wonder of the undersea experience with new divers – seeing their joy upon taking a first underwater breath, leading them in exploring a healthy and colorful reef or a chance encounter with marine life.

Dec. 23/15

Dene Roth grew up in a small desert community outside Pheonix, Arizona in the United States. But that didn’t matter. From a young age, she was called to the ocean. Her youth was spent daydreaming about turquoise coastlines, a swim in the ocean or chance to dive below the waves. She would wonder about underwater environments and creatures, curious about their activities, interactions and habitats. In high school this curiosity led Dene to become, in her words, obsessed with sharks.

Dec. 10/15

We all have that first diving experience that transforms us. Whether it’s the surreal sensation of blowing your first bubbles underwater, travelling to an exotic locale or a unique encounter with marine life, it’s that initial moment – that connection to nature – that draws us into the world of scuba.

Nov. 24/15

If you knew her growing up, Charlee Shea probably seemed an unlikely shark advocate. She moved to South West Rocks on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia at age 12, but wasn’t exactly the “coastal” type. In fact, she was terrified of the ocean. Susceptible, like so many of us are, to the exaggerated myths of sharks as man-eating predators, Charlee was so mortified that she refused to even enter ocean waters.

Nov. 11/15

Team Tomahawk from Dive Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand is no stranger to Project AWARE's FinathonTM. The team has taken part in Finathons since 2013.

But little did the team know that their actions this year would reach a different kind of fame.

After a series of challenges and fun video compilations to raise awareness on the plight of sharks, Dive Otago received news they would never have imagined possible.