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Aug. 03/11

With the introduction of Dive Against Debris, the act of removing debris underwater and logging data about that debris has become a Project AWARE focus. Sarah Wormald, the Global Scavenger Hunt champion, is one AWARE diver taking the cleanup commitment to the next level.


Long-time Project AWARE supporter, Pedro Mendes, is passionate about wildlife and conservation. But this year, he’s taking that passion to a whole new level. Pedro has pledged to raise £2,000 for ocean protection through Project AWARE by 31st December. And he’s not taking this pledge lightly.

Jul. 21/11

Shark Guardian, a nonprofit organization founded by Brendon Sing, is standing up for shark protection and inspiring the masses to put their shark passion to action. Sing takes the Shark Guardian presentation international, traveling and presenting to massive audiences about the importance of shark species, why they’re in trouble and what we can do about it. 

“We make it clear that sharks are vitally important for the health and ecological balance of our oceans. We must save our sharks and protect our oceans, to save ourselves,” said Sing. 

Jul. 15/11

Koh Tao located in the Gulf of Thailand is widely known as a haven for scuba divers from all around the globe. With many people visiting the island which only covers an area of about 21 square kilometers, local dive centers are running eco friendly programs to help relief some of the environmental stress and pressure that ever increasing tourism put on Koh Tao's natural resources.

Jul. 06/11

How about 166.6 metres deep?

Jul. 04/11

On June 12th, PADI Platinum Course Director Camille Lemmens ran for ocean conservation in the Laguna Phuket International Half Marathon raising more than $1770 for Project AWARE.

Jun. 30/11

When PADI Course Directors, Darren McNamara and Katy Bloor, returned from a trip to Malaysia where they were astonished by the number of plastic bags floating around, they decided to raise awareness of the threats that plastic bags pose to marine wildlife. Back in the UK, they set up a challenge for members of their dive school Sub-Mission and asked them to go “Plastic Bag Free” for a week.

Jun. 13/11

Building on the Mataking Island, Sabah, Malaysia previous community events, the theme for the 2011 annual event was “Communities Working Together”.

Each year during June, The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking Island comes together with schools, community leaders, local NGO’s and local authorities to make the aquatic world a better place in the Sabah area.

May. 31/11

On 12th June 2011, PADI Platinum Course Director, Camille Lemmens will swap his scuba diving fins for running shoes as he participates in the Laguna Phuket International Marathon, Thailand to raise funds for our ocean planet.

“I've taken part in many marathons but this year I wanted to do something a little different. So I’m raising funds for Project AWARE, whose goal is to encourage and inspire divers to be part of the solution for ocean protection.” says Lemmens.

Jun. 02/11

The crew at Camel Dive Club in Egypt have recorded 15 sightings of Giant Manta Rays (Manta Birostris) during the month of May. They've developed their own sightings database to discover if they see the same individual more than once.

This was project was initiated by Dr Andrea Marshall of Marine Mega Fauna in Mozambique, who came to stay with the club in July last year. Andrea believes the mantas in Sharm el Sheikh are juveniles.

2-3 metres may sound big to you and me but Andrea is in contact with adult mantas daily which can grow up to 7 metres in wing span!