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May. 21/15

She’d always had a keen sense of adventure. She loved to travel, explore and revel in nature’s beauty. During a backpacking trip through Costa Rica, Barbara Joon enrolled in a PADI Open Water Diver course – just for the fun of it. Little did she know, her experience exploring the underwater world that day would change her life forever.

May. 14/15

Divers’ voices play a key role in advocating for the protection of marine wildlife at risk of extinction. This Endangered Species Day, Project AWARE highlights the actions taken by an individual to protect one of the vulnerable creatures of the deep – the awe-inspiring manta rays.


May. 07/15

With Endangered Species Day, May 15, just one week away, we’re reminded of the importance of saving and protecting marine life. Marine debris – the trash from our everyday lives that makes its way from land to sea – damages vital ocean habitats like coral reefs and seagrass beds, and poses a serious hazard to endangered marine species.

Marine debris is one of the biggest threats facing our ocean, and the students of the Florida Keys Community College Scuba Club are working together to tackle the challenge head on!

Apr. 30/15

Australia-born Cecily Kelly fell in love with scuba diving at age 12. Determined to build a career in diving in order to share her love of the ocean with others, she found the perfect opportunity when her husband joined the marines and they relocated to the United States. Stationed at the Camp Pendleton marine base on the southern California coast, Cecily discovered the base’s scuba diving center where she was able to start her career in the diving industry by helping with facilitating dive classes and overseeing operations.

Apr. 22/15

Since the launch of Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris specialty course in 2014, PADI Instructor, Fletcher Ferguson, has made educating divers about the global marine debris problem one of his top priorities. Fletcher understands the devastating impact of trash in our ocean and recognizes the important role divers can play in preventing, removing and reporting debris found underwater.

Apr. 15/15

With Earth Day – April 22 – just one week away, Project AWARE is celebrating all things rubbish!

Over the past two decades, our supporters have helped us tackle the global issue of marine debris. From small changes in their daily lives to onshore and underwater cleanups, local actions have helped contribute to cleaner, healthier marine environments. And, we’re gaining traction.

Apr. 09/15

Close your eyes and imagine your idyllic scuba diving location. Most might envision sandy white beaches, palm trees blowing in the breeze, and a small dive boat anchored offshore in calm turquoise waters – right?

Mar. 27/15

After many consecutive Sunday beach cleanups and Dive Against Debris surveys, Hin Wong beach and local dive sites in Koh Tao, Thailand are looking better than ever!  The once trash-littered bay front has been restored to its natural beauty thanks to dedicated Project AWARE supporter and dive leader, Nicky Russell.

Mar. 24/15

This year will be a very special Earth Day as it marks the 45th anniversary of the worldwide event, held on April 22 each year. Under the global theme “It’s Our Turn to Lead”, Project AWARE supporters are showing their support for environmental protection by taking on amazing challenges to help us lead the fight against marine debris and protect imperilled shark and ray species.

Divers are passionate ambassadors for ocean protection who never miss an opportunity to show their dedication and commitment to ocean conservation.

Feb. 20/15

A pool, a team of passionate divers, a celebrity shark, and a cause worth fighting for were the perfect ingredients for a successful Finathon® organized in Florida last December!

Aqua Hands, a PADI dive centre specialized in scuba diving trips and dive courses for people fluent in American Sign Language, made a big splash for sharks in their local community by organizing a fundraising challenge in support of Project AWARE's Finathon®.