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Sep. 24/14

On 6 September, Helsinki celebrated Project AWARE's Debris Month of Action with a loud and big community event. Dimjami Music Band joined the celebrations to cheer up the divers who came together to conduct a Dive Against Debris survey and remove a staggering amount of marine debris from the Baltic sea.

Sep. 18/14

The Fort Lauderdale community rallied together to kick off Debris Month of Action at the in the first annual SOS Ocean Clean-Up. Over 120 volunteers consisting of local divers, snorkelers, surfers and beach-goers helped support the Project AWARE movement for a trash free ocean and environment by collecting over 92 pounds of trash.

Sep. 03/14

Debris Month of Action kicks off in Hong Kong

53 Divers remove 80 kilos at Bluff Island

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Eric Wong and the Association of Auto Batteries and Tyres Industry took part in Dive Against Debris at Bluff Island, Sai Kung, Hong Kong  on Sunday, August 24th 2014. With low visibility the team of 53 removed 10 bags / 80 kilograms of debris from the sea shore and under the sea.

Aug. 29/14

September is Project AWARE’s Debris Month of Action – a time when thousands of volunteer divers will battle back against marine debris by removing and reporting the trash we find underwater.

Aug. 13/14

The start of Shark Week saw snow fall in Dunedin, New Zealand and divers brave seven degree water. A little snow didn’t stop people heading to the Dive Otago pool for this years’ Finathon! They hit the warmer water indoors to fight against shark finning for the second year.

Aug. 05/14

With clear waters and rocky scenery, Malta and Gozo, the beautiful southern European islands in the Mediterranean Sea, boast some of the best diving in Europe.  They also boast some of the most passionate and dedicated AWARE divers and shark activists. From running a marathon to Diving Against Debris to support Project AWARE’s global campaigns - Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris - no challenges are too small for Malta’s dive community.

Jul. 17/14

When John Mitchell, YuDiving dive centre owner in Manchester UK, asked his team if they were up for a Finathon challenge to help raise funds for sharks, they unanimously said yes. They had a moment of hesitation though when he announced that they would have to swim the English Channel. Well, the distance of the English Channel in the pool to be more precise.

Jul. 16/14

Jarret Voorhies, a 15 year old scuba diver and race car driver has gone the distance to raise awareness for shark protection and taken Project AWARE’s Finathon into overdrive. He wanted to dig deep to share his passion for ocean protection but combine his racing pursuits, creating the super rally that he calls Winning to End Finning.

The go-karts and helmets were provided on July 13, 2014 at Pole Position Raceway in Frisco, Texas where 49 drivers raced to support shark protection.

Jul. 11/14

Braving chilly 9°C waters, 14 divers at Dive HQ Christchurch in New Zealand took the plunge to Dive Against Debris last weekend joining thousands of divers across the world fighting back against marine debris. “We had a great morning on Sunday and got quite a good haul considering it was a first time for us,” said Colin Wadeson from Dive HQ Christchurch.

Jul. 09/14

A big congratulations to Scandy Andy who has swum an average of 1km a day for 109 days!

It’s a big week for Andy. When his latest challenge to swim the distance around Koh Samui 84.7 kilometres in less than 30 days was almost complete he upped the distance to 100km!

“I now have more kilometres than days swimming” said Andy. So how did it all start?