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Aug. 27/13

Thank you Exmouth and Coral Bay, Western Australia for hosting the first Manta Ray Black Tie Ball in support of Project AWARE. Congratulations and countless thanks to Diana Belton and Alice Martino for organising this amazing event.  This incredible duo went above and beyond to create a truly memorable evening for everyone to enjoy. It’s the magic of swimming with manta rays that inspired Diana and Alice to organise the event which raised an amazing AUD $16,000.

Aug. 16/13

As divers we see the direct damage that marine debris, and in particular plastic, is causing our environment and the life in it. Every year tens of thousands of marine animals and seabirds die from eating or getting tangled in our trash that ends up in the ocean.

Aug. 02/13

Finathon fever swept the world with scuba divers clocking up some serious kilometers swimming to end finning. The crew at Crystal Divers Bali flipped the Finathon concept inside out. It was all about having fun for owner and PADI Course Director, Minni Vangsgaard who hosted the world’s first FUNathon!

Jul. 30/13

How far could you swim for sharks? The Master Divers FINtastic trio swam 22.5km around Koh Tao in 7 hours 56 minutes! Sensational swimmer Gene completed the first leg of the relay (3.6km) in 1 hour 15 minutes! A huge congratulations to Finathon Swimming Champs extraordinaire Wilco, Ayesha and Gene. 

An around-the-island snorkel boat followed the swimmers giving people the chance to snorkel, cheer the swimmers on and look for sharks at sites where they are known to frequent.

Jul. 26/13

This August the small coastal town of Coral Bay 1100km north of Perth, Western Australia will host the first Manta Ray Black Tie Ball, supporting Project AWARE.

Jul. 23/13

Congratulations Rick for swimming 7.8km across the Verde Island Passage, Philippines in 3 hours and raising over $4,000. Your dedication to the cause is unmatched. Read on to find out more about Rick's Challenge and training schedule.

Jul. 14/13

Finathon Champion Sally Sonnex is all set to swim for sharks this month. And she’s even found the time to create an extra special ‘Thank you’ for her supporters.

It’s Sally’s personal and creative thank you idea that we love. Sally discovered a beautiful website and took the time to fold origami ‘thank you’ sharks for all her friends and colleagues who made a gift in support of this unique cause.   

Jul. 05/13

Our eight youngest Finathon champions aged three to seven swam a Fintastic 1160 metres this week for sharks. They loved creating their shark hats and showing off their diplomas before the school day started. With the kids at school, Instructor Development Philippines kicked off and swam a total collective distance of 100km. Incredible!

Jul. 01/13

This July, Project AWARE is looking for Finathon™ Champions to join the race to protect sharks. Amongst the many divers and dive centres who have responded to our call to raise awareness and challenge funds to support shark conservation so far, Lucas Schmitz is definitely going the extra mile.

From July 06th, Lucas will embark on a Cycling Trip across Europe to make it loud and clear that we need to put an end to the unsustainable killing of sharks before it's too late.

Jun. 27/13

You can’t get more FINatical than swimming in fancy dress! Finathon Champion Martine Miller from Queensland, Australia organised a wacky races event for Remote Area Dive on 22 June 2013 at Riverway Pool, Townsville. Thanks to all the swimmers Remote Area Dive rocketed to number 3 on the Finathon team leaderboard this week raising $2,300. THANK YOU!