Jul. 21/13
Amarilla Divers
Avenida Del Atlantico Local 2
San Miguel De Abona, SC 38639
28° 1' 26.6808" N, 16° 36' 33.6744" W

Please help us raise money for Project AWARE and sponsor us in our FINathon.

We will be swimming a 12 hour relay to gain as many laps as possible between 8am & 8pm on the 21st July.

If you would like to sponsor us here is our sponsor page.

many thanks for your support :)


Jul. 28/11

Here are three top reasons why we’re gaga over sharks:

1. Sharks are critical to the health of our ocean planet.

2. We’re fishing them to extinction (cue the alarm bells!)

3. Divers, who are some of sharks’ closest friends, can help save them.