Jun. 11/15

Global event tackles solutions for a world where plastic is used, but without its current footprint.

Jan. 21/13
CREATE Centre Bristol
Smeaton Road Spike Island
Bristol BS1 6XN
United Kingdom
51° 26' 49.8264" N, 2° 37' 20.9712" W

Making the links between consumer waste, plastic production, and the chemical pollution from persistent plastic pollutants, the 'Making Waves' exhibition focuses on the scale, speed and dangers of marine debris from a conceptual base, via photography, spoken word, sculpture, installation, and film. The exhibition, open to the general public throughout, aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and stimulate new thinking about how each of us can take responsibility for ensuring the safety of human health and the en MORE

Nov. 19/12
Cozumel ROO
20° 26' 6.1908" N, 86° 54' 26.5464" W


The Clipperton Project (TCP) has been invited to participate in the 2012 SCUBAFEST on Cozumel Island, Mexico, to address the  urgent issue of plastic pollution.

Sep. 10/12

Research scientist, Bonnie Monteleone, from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA knows all about plastic. She's been studying the negative affects of plastics in the marine environment for several years.

More recently, she's visited three of five ocean gyres and collected plastics hundreds to thousands of miles from land. Using the well recognized, "Great Wave" by Hokusai circa 1830s, Monteleone illustrates a very different ocean from what Hokusai saw 180 years ago.

Jul. 19/12

Vincent Mock’s deep love for the ocean is apparent through his art where he explores the human disconnection from nature in an ironic way – sculpting ocean predators from the very fish hooks that threaten their survival. A fellow PADI Divemaster and artist, Mock has traveled and dived the world over. Here he discusses his Hooked on Life series.