basking shark

Aug. 01/12

The number of basking sharks recorded in Britain's seas could be increasing, decades after being protected from commercial hunting in the late 20th century. The most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of basking shark sightings in UK waters, by the University of Exeter, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT) and Wave Action, is published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Jun. 03/12
JamOige - National Beaver & Cup Camp
Ardgillin Castle Skerries
53° 33' 57.6216" N, 6° 7' 48.1008" W

We are hoping to raise awareness of the sharks in Irish waters and the threat to all sharks world-wide.  We will have a life sized model of a basking sharks, info sheets, games, drawing & colouring and competitions.  If you know any scout, cubs or leaders coming to the camp, encourage them to come by and see our display.  Sharks - rulers of the the ocean forever.