Jul. 14/12
Tela Dive Center
Calle del comercio y Av. Nicaragua
15° 45' 18.8964" N, 87° 26' 44.4444" W

On Saturday, July 14, Tela Dive Center is organizing the first lionfish derby of the Tela area. We dive in  Capiro,  a coral bank with 69 % coral coverage. This is incredible considering that  the rest of the Mesomerican Reef System has  a porcentage of 17 % coral coverage. We are the only dive center operating in the area. We have dived Capiro reef for only three years, so there is plenty of unexplored areas . In the last two years we've noticed the increase of lionfish population . Most of the times we take harpons with us in order to hunt them.

Mar. 31/12
The decline of Caribbean coral reefs has been linked to the recent effects of human-induced climate change. However, new research led by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego suggests an even earlier cause. The bad news – humans are still to blame. MORE
Aug. 13/11
Charlotteville Shark Shacks
Northside Road Campbleton
Trinidad and Tobago
11° 19' 3.6228" N, 60° 32' 59.1864" W

The Annual Full Moon Coral Spawning occurs on one night each year with all Corals spawning at once. Here in the protected Bay off Tobago in the Southern Caribbean it is an awesome display of spectacular proportions.

This is an incredible sight to behold & a once-in-a-lifetime Night Dive experience to see first-hand a wonder of the Oceans.



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