citizen science

Jun. 15/15
Mission Beach, San Diego, CA San Diego, CA 92121
United States
32° 46' 41.844" N, 117° 16' 19.506" W

Beginning in mid-2015, Ocean Sanctuaries will begin a citizen science marine life survey of the Canadian warship Yukon, sunk off the coast of San Diego in 2000, to act as an artificial reef. Since 2000, numerous species of marine life have made the Yukon their home and a second baseline survey would be useful. The first baseline survey was done by the San Diego Oceans Foundation in 2004.


--Watch this space in the coming weeks for more information on how to participate.


Mar. 12/13

Citizen science surveys compare well with traditional scientific methods when it comes to monitoring species biodiversity -- according to new research from the University of East Anglia.

Research published today in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution shows that methods to record marine diversity used by amateurs returned results consistent with techniques favoured by peer-reviewed science.

Dec. 14/11

For the past few months, we’ve observed how the new Dive Against Debris program is fairing with you, our fearless AWARE divers. We’ve been asking questions about the underwater data you reported and surveying divers to ultimately improve the program.