Nov. 01/15
L373/Swalmener Str. 3
Brüggen 41379 Brüggen
51° 14' 13.0092" N, 6° 8' 31.9776" E

Ob Laie oder Profi: Werden Sie Zukunftsforscher für ein Gewässer vor Ihrer Haustür und entnehmen Sie Wasser- und Sedimentproben.

Feb. 06/14

Marine protected areas have been created across the globe to stem the loss of biodiversity in our oceans. But are they working? Now, thanks to a six-year survey involving over one hundred divers, we know that the global system of marine protected areas still has much to achieve.

The marine environment lies out of sight and is expensive to survey, so its true condition is very poorly known. What we do know is that multiple threats—most notably introduced pests, climate change, fishing and pollution—are pervasive.