crown of thorns

May. 31/12
TRACC on Pom Pom Island, Semporna, Sabah
Celebes beach Resort New Tourist Jetty
Semporna, Sabah
4° 32' 36.852" N, 118° 36' 30.2328" E

Join us to remove an excessively large population of the coral eating starfish.  This cleanup is immediately after the May 2012 marine conservation course.

Crown of thorns starfish is a natural predator on heathy reefs.  Unfortuately the reefs near Pom Pom Island have been heavily overfished so COTS predators are rare.  We have an unusually high number of juvenile COTS and we want to keep the numbers of cots in check so that we do not get massive epidemics to damage our fragile reefs.