debris data

Sep. 07/11

Last Sunday, to kick off Debris Month of Action, PADI and Project AWARE staff from the Bristol office in the UK organized a Dive Against Debris event in collaboration with West Country Divers in Swanage.

Sep. 01/11

If you lost some pants somewhere near Moscow, Russia - never fear, they’ve been recovered by the debris divers from 13 Dreaming Dolphins. And thanks to their fantastic work and spirited Dive Against Debris competitions, we now have debris data recorded for three pairs of men’s underpants and a parachute.

Since Project AWARE’s June launch of the new Dive Against Debris program, developed just for divers, 13 Dreaming Dolphins has been logging their debris dives each month. And you just never know what you’re going to find.


Do you hate underwater trash as much as we do? Plastic bottles strewn across the ocean floor, nets choking coral reefs, discarded fishing line entangling marine creatures... Together, we’re fighting back against marine debris – the ocean’s silent killer. And when we fight for the ocean, we like to fight on scuba. Join us in the battle and dive in this September for Debris Month of Action.

What is Debris Month of Action? It’s you, your best dive buddies, your favorite dive spot and a mesh bag, helping to clean the ocean and telling the world what you’ve found.