Dive Against Debris

Nov. 13/15

The annual DEMA Show put on by the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association is more than just a scuba diving trade show – it’s the dive industry’s event of the year.

With diving equipment manufacturers, training and certification organizations, apparel producers, travel companies and philanthropies from across the globe in attendance, it’s a chance for all members of the dive industry to connect, collaborate and innovate.

Oct. 27/15

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls may terrify on land, but what scares us most lies beneath the waves. Haunting habitats and endangering marine life, this silent killer doesn’t discriminate, and its victims never see it coming. What is it, you ask, that sends shivers down our spines? Marine debris.

Freakier than Freddy Krueger, marine debris kills thousands of ocean animals and seabirds, chokes coral reefs, smothers critical environments and contaminates beaches and dive sites.

Oct. 12/15

International explorer and 100% AWARE partner Paul Rose joined a Thames foreshore clean up on 30 September and called on Londoners to 'do the right thing' and make sure their rubbish goes in the bin, not in the river.

Sep. 01/15

The plastics we throw away have been mistakenly eaten by around 90 per cent of all sea birds alive today - and the rate is expected to grow to 99 per cent by 2050.

The figures, revealed in an international study published yesterday, are particularly relevant for New Zealand, which is considered the global centre of seabird diversity.

Aug. 04/15

Dive Against Debris champion, Rob Thompson, was delighted at the opportunity to discuss the growing problem of plastic in the ocean with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at the Ocean Plastics Awareness Day on July 22.

In full diving gear, members of the Dive Against Debris Volunteers UK group shared their unique views on what lies beneath the waves highlighting what for most people is out of sight, out of mind.

Jul. 02/15

On Wednesday 1st July, Team Labyrinth – Jase, Jo, James and Roxy – divers, sailors and film makers alike, premiered the first episode in a series of documentaries that they are producing to raise awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing our precious ocean planet. Voyage of the Labyrinth: Coral Island Clean Up showcases the impact of Dive Against Debris in working towards solutions to stop marine debris at the source.

Jun. 22/15

I’m a firm believer in practising what I preach, so, as soon as the opportunity arose for me to complete the Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty Course with B&J Diving, I jumped at the chance.

Already being in Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysia International Dive Expo, it was a quick hop, skip and a jump across to Tioman Island.

May. 26/15

When Project AWARE launched #MyOceanChallenge on Endangered Species Day, May 15, I decided to take on the challenge to help support a clean and healthy ocean.

May. 19/15

Today, our partner, the Ocean Conservancy, has launched the 29th International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) report which recognises the efforts of divers across the globe who have united to Dive Against Debris and contribute to the marine debris solution.

Dec. 20/14
Neraida LOUTRAKI 20300
37° 59' 4.9596" N, 22° 57' 41.1552" E

Our 41st action and our objective is the relief of the seabed from debris which ruining the environmental, and also to sensitize the residents and visitors about the marine environment!