Dive Against Debris

Aug. 03/13
Turquoise Lake - Printer Boy Campground CO
United States
39° 16' 12.4968" N, 106° 20' 51.7956" W

     Join Shark Bait Dive Club and Underwater Phantaseas, LTD for our annual Turquoise Lake Campout, Treasure Hunt and Lake/Beach clean up. This is truly altitude diving at it's best.We dive the east side of Turquoise Lake and collect numbered golf balls along with as much trash as we can get out of the lake. 

Jan. 14/13

Have you made a New Year Resolution for 2013? Why not keep it simple and aim to reduce, recycle and Dive Against Debris? For the the GoPro Family a resolution to go green developed into a real fixation. "This eco-friendly mission soon became an obsession and Angel was collecting cans and bottles from everywhere and anywhere to recycle," said Jo Armitage, Master Instructor.

Dec. 12/12

Marine litter is damaging and costly. Commitments to reduce debris globally are being made but data on marine debris is seriously lacking. Volunteers from Bain & Company, Sydney Australia have chosen to be part of the solution. They organized a Community Impact Day with 17 employees and Dive Centre Manly.

Dec. 07/12

Have you heard about the Triple Whammy Cleanup? This amazing event does three times the good and happens when you have three resorts who all Dive Against Debris at the same time.  Two Fish Divers, Bunaken, Lembeh and Nusa Lembongan collected 246 kilos of marine debris on one day in November.

Nov. 04/12
TEOS Bay at Sigacik
TEOS Bay at Nelson Club N 38 10.991 E 026.46.345
Seferihisar, IZM 35460
38° 10' 58.728" N, 26° 46' 20.3088" E

Today was the end of season at the Neilson Club TEOS at Sigacik / Seferihisar,Turkey. At the co-located bay, embedded of the club is the Dive Center "Dive Shack" with the owner PADI (MI) Beer de Zoeten. Sigacik is a small fishing village 45 km from Izmir (Turkey's third largest city). A number of 15 divers did meet at the diving center to clean the Bay from Marine Debris. All divers have been very motivated to do this at the end of the Tourist season at the Holiday resort. PADI Project Aware was the motivation to contribute in an active way.

Oct. 27/12
New Way Diving / Koh Exist
Sairee Village Hin Wong road / 30m from 7/eleven
Koh Tao 84360
10° 5' 58.1028" N, 99° 49' 51.42" E

Underwater Clean up on Saturday 27th October, Koh Tao, Thailand

Join us for one fun dive, one clean up dive and a presentation about marine conservation on Koh Tao and project AWARE Dive Against Debris Survey. 700 baht for the afternoon. Discount if you have your own diving equipment.


Contact caro@kohexist.com for inscription by Friday 26th / 7pm or use the sign up form below.

All divers are welcome ... Get involved ... you'll love it :-)

Oct. 24/12

During September’s Debris Month of Action thousands of scuba divers around the world took action to tackle the ocean’s silent killer and provide a global snapshot of the debris issues plaguing our ocean planet.

Tires, glass bottles, hooks, fishing lines, discarded fishing nets — you name it, divers removed it from the sea floor and coral reef before bringing it to the surface to be sorted and disposed of properly.

Oct. 12/12
Desnogorsk Desnogorsk
54° 10' 22.386" N, 33° 20' 10.6656" E

На мероприятии "Закрытии летнего сезона" планируется также акция "Очистим наши водоемы от сетей". Наличие ножей обязательно! Сертификация не ниже PADI OWD и опыт погружений в Российских водоемах обязателен!

Dec. 01/12
Gold Coast Seaway
Seaworld Drive Doug Jennings Park
Gold Coast, QLD 4215
27° 56' 14.0712" S, 153° 25' 33.4596" E

We are aiming to fill a 6 x 4 trailer with rubbish this time around, so get behind the action and help us to clean up our underwater environment.


The Seaway is a lovely dive site, but the fishing line and tackle causes a lot of damage and takes away from the beauty it has to offer.


Keep an eye on pour web site for more information


Oct. 15/12
Santa Barbara Plantation Dock
@ Hyatt Regency Curacao
Netherlands Antilles


Ocean Encounters will organize a Dive Against Debris event to clean the Hyatt & Santa Barbara Dock under water area.

The Ocean Encounters Hyatt Team invites OE staff from other locations and customers to perform an underwater clean up.