Dive Against Debris

Sep. 14/12
Langkawi Coral
Pulau Payar Marine Park
6° 3' 54.8964" N, 100° 2' 36.4452" E

This September is Debris Month of Action: a whole month dedicated to fighting the ocean's silent killer, marine debris. With your help we are sending a loud and clear message: "Stop the Ocean’s Silent Killer"

Join us in the battle against marine debris. Your local actions contribute to a clean, healthy future for the ocean.

Contact us: sales@langkawicoral.com

Aug. 21/12

Dive Friends Bonaire is doing everything in their power to help their endangered sea turtle population. Last month they gathered 115 volunteers to Dive Against Debris targeting the South Pier of Bonaire. This working pier is often used for fishing and normally off limits to divers. 

Sep. 15/12
Lake Shore State Park
500 North Harbor Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202
United States
43° 1' 53.8716" N, 87° 53' 45.0996" W

Join us for our annual Dive Aainst Debris and Beach Clean up at Lake Shore State Park on Saturday, September 15.  The Clean-Up will begin at 10:00 a.m. and last until we have made our dive environment safe for another year. There will be a short briefing about the event and then we will begin the fun. Our staff will also be easily accessible for any questions throughout the day.

Oct. 22/11
Aurora Reservoir Aurora, CO
United States
39° 37' 5.1852" N, 104° 39' 12.6108" W

Dive Against Debris! Join the Shark Bait Dive Club for Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Lake/Beach Clean Up

We will meet at the scuba beach and Aurora Reservoir at 10:00. It is a BYOP (Bring your Own Pumpkin) affair. Derick Prosser owner of Underwater Phantaseas (UWP) Lakewood will judge the pumpkins and he has promised prizes and give away merchandise as providing food/drinks. We have 2 catagories. Beach carved and Underwater carved pumpkins.

Jun. 22/12

A carpet and a petrol can were among the items Newquay Dive recovered from the waters during its second Dive Against Debris.

The event targeted the reef underneath the Headland and Little Fistral Beach.

During two dives in four hours the team found eight bags of rubbish weighing in at a total of 16kg.

Members of the Dive Newquay club in the UK also collected miscellaneous pieces of debris including rubber, plastics and fishing lead.

Organisers and dive instructors James Taylor and Veronika Kruse said they were pleased with the outcome.


Jun. 25/12

Last April, a group of divers from Nottingham Trent University teamed up with a local dive centre and NGO in Blue Bay Mauritius to organize a series of Dive Against Debris events and reef surveys.

The diving team led by Dr Nicholas Ray (Senior Lecturer in Environmental Ecology and PADI MSDT), with the help of Coral Diving Centre staff, surveyed the lagoon and outer reef surrounding the south east corner of Mauritius.

Jun. 09/12
Durban - Calypso uShaka Durban
South Africa
Calypso Dive and Adventure at uShaka Marine World are organising a dive against debris day for the 9th of June for World Ocean Day (June 8th). We will be having 4 dives to the most debris impacted sites on the No.1 and Blood reef system. We will provide mesh bags, gloves, etc. We are also co-ordinating a beach cleanup and snorkeling clean-up of Vetchi's pier for the non-diving members of the community. Please come join us so we can help protect and restore our precious reefs. MORE
Apr. 22/12
Marsa Egla & Wadi Lahami Mangroves
25° 7' 13.5084" N, 34° 51' 54.4032" E

Just to let you know what Red Sea Diving Safari are doing for Earth Day this year!! We will have video and photos of our events.

Shagra will do underwater and on-land beach clean-up in Marsa Egla
Lahami will do beach clean-up in the Northern Mangroves

We will also collect signatures for PADI Project Aware “Shout out for Sharks” campaign.

May. 26/12
Sandycove Harbour
Sandycove avenue
53° 17' 17.7648" N, 6° 6' 52.0668" W

Sandycove clean up, Dublin, Ireland.

Come along for a fun dive and help give one of Dublin's best dive sites a clean up.

We will be collecting and recording the marine debris that we find to help clean our oceans of marine debris and raise awareness of the problem of marine pollution.

Please read through this guide before the event: http://www.projectaware.org/resource/dive-against-debris-self-study-guide

Apr. 07/12
Restaurante El Rincón de Peña Parda
Paseo Andrés Segovia, 65,
La Herradura, GD 18697
36° 44' 19.0536" N, 3° 45' 11.2572" W

An exploratory dive to investigate what debris is lingers in one of  La Herradura's many dive sites, and an expedition to clear it up whilst we're are in the area.

An oppertunity to give something back to the waters that have given us so much.

Bring yourself, your equipment, a bottle and a bag you can use to deposit the debris in.