Dec. 03/14
Popoto: The Race to Save a Species Campaign 38° 42' 32.7204" S, 174° 19' 12.2448" E

The Maui's Dolphin is the smallest dolphin in the world. With only 55 left in the world, Popoto are being driven to extinction because humans.

Please help us raise awareness about this critical issue before it is too late.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign at http://igg.me/at/popoto and donate what you can.

Feb. 27/13

These sharks are on most every diver's bucket list - hammerheads. With their unusual and very distinct shaped head, these incredible sharks are awe-inspiring. To experience hammerheads in the wild is an absolute dream come true for many scuba divers.

Jul. 03/12

HONG KONG — China said Tuesday that it would prohibit official banquets from serving shark fin soup, an expensive and popular delicacy blamed for a sharp decline in global shark populations.

The ban, reported by Xinhua, the state-run news agency, could take as many as three years to take effect, and it remains unclear how widely it will be adhered to across a sprawling nation where orders issued by Beijing are often shrugged off by officials in faraway regions and provinces.