give sharks a fighting chance

May. 23/13
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Sharks in Peril

We are emptying the ocean of sharks. As a diver and a global citizen acting locally, you can play a critical role in saving sharks.

Why do we worry about shark populations? A healthy and abundant ocean depends on predators like sharks keeping ecosystems balanced. And living sharks fuel local economies in places like Palau where sharks bring in an estimated $18 million per year through dive tourism.

Mar. 31/12
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Want to help spread the word about shark conservation ?  Then get in touch with PADI Course Director Richard Reardon, and find out how you can become a PADI Reef Shark Awareness Distinctive Specialty Instructor...

Sep. 29/11

Sharks are unique and play a crucial role in keeping our ocean healthy, but we are close to losing some shark species forever. Read this Study Guide to learn about the major threats, missing management strategies, and, best of all, the many actions you can take to give sharks a fighting chance.

If reading this Study Guide leaves you hungry for more shark action contact your local PADI dive centre to complete your AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty course.

After watching the movie Shark Water, we knew we had to do something to educate the local people of Costa Rica.  Make them aware that shark finning is not cool!


A group of students from the Australian International School in Singapore was with Downbelow on Gaya Island over the last few days.

The group, consisting of students aged 10 & 11, were doing PADI Junior Open Water Courses and environmental awareness programs.

As part of the environmental segment of their activities, Downbelow focused on Project AWARE's Give Sharks a Change campaign.

Aug. 03/11
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Help our ocean - PADI AWARE specialty:

Join this course to discover truth of our legacy 'the ocean tragedy'. We'll inform you about the main issues of marine conservation using a lot of photo and video material. After joining this class you will be able to help protect 'Our Ocean' and become an AWARE Diver.

Tip: for divers and non-divers

want to join or learn more?


On Thursday 19th May 2011, we took our shark petition to the streets of Bristol City Centre. We had so much fun! PADI colleagues and Phil from West Country Divers, a local dive center, also joined us. We asked as many Broadmead shoppers as possible to sign the Project AWARE "Give Sharks a Fighting Chance" petition campaign. The response was great and even though some people didn't want to sign it, we managed to, if not change their minds, at least make them think about the plight of our sharks.