Mar. 08/12

Hundreds of high school students in Cologno Monzese, Milan in Italy took part in a project aimed at bringing the wonders of the sea into the classroom.

Gianluca Pomati, Director of Bucanieri Dive Club, lead this initiative taking the students involved straight into the heart of the ocean with a marine biology course called "Ocean Common Good".

Jun. 08/12
Centro Sub Campi Flegrei
via Miliscola 165 within Lido Montenuovo
Lucrino - Pozzuoli 80078
40° 49' 52.9464" N, 14° 5' 26.25" E

In 2009, World Ocean Day (8th June) was declared official by the United Nations; it was, however, originally proposed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Given that this is also the year in which Centro Sub Campi Flegrei was founded, we will be having an extremely eventful programme throughout the year; the weekend of 9th & 10th June 2012 will be dedicated to environmental activities to mark both World Ocean Day and World Environment Day (5th June).


Daniela, Project AWARE Scienza coordinatore, si unisce Divers squalo e un gruppo di studenti per un giorno speciali di conservazione. Laboratorio del Clean Up Day svolto con i ragazzi delle 2° medie del Istituto Salesiano Maria Ausiliatrice di Trento in collaborazione con l’APPA.