Langley Diving

May. 08/13

I was very touched when I was invited to come back to my roots and represent Project AWARE in British Columbia, my home province in Canada, where I first learned to dive. The diving community of British Columbia invited me, in cooperation with the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center and the Vancouver Aquarium, to speak about the inspiring initiatives Project AWARE works toward at home and abroad to protect the underwater world. 

Sep. 22/12
Sasamat Lake BC
49° 19' 21.9792" N, 122° 53' 12.7932" W

September is the Debris Month of Action so join Langley Diving for our annual Splash for Trash in Sasamat Lake on Saturday September 22, 2012.  This promises to be our biggest event ever.

- Gear rentals for the day are free, courtesy of Langley Diving (first come first served so register today!)

- Full barbecue lunch, courtesy of Langley Diving.  Your donation for lunch will be given 100% to Project Aware.

Mar. 27/12

A local fundraiser's focus was to help put a stop to the cruel practice of "finning," which is depleting the world's shark population.

Some larger species of sharks have rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth designed for ripping and tearing flesh, can smell one drop of blood in a million drops of water, and can dislocate and protrude its upper jaw to help it grab and hang onto prey.