May. 25/13
8° 41' 22.7004" S, 119° 31' 12.9504" E

26 May 2013 to 4 June 2013 Mermaid Kat presents ‘Flying With Mantas’ – 6 days in Bali, Indonesia. This once in a lifetime adventure, includes a mermaid workshop with Mermaid Kat and an experience with the magnificent manta ray.

The trip includes an amazing 4 day trip to Komodo on ‘Wellenreng.’  A big part of the trip is raising awareness about our oceans and Mermaid Kat supports Project AWARE key campaigns including the Mantas at Risk Campaign, and Dive Against Debris.


Mar. 11/13

Proposals to list close relatives of sharks also advance on historic day at COP

Bangkok, 11 March 2013.  Following on the heels of unprecedented Committee votes to control international trade in commercially valuable sharks, Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) went on to adopt proposals to list three species of closely related rays by even wider margins.