Oct. 03/14

Flying the banner of Project AWARE Dive against Debris once again, the staff and students of Nottingham Trent University embarked on another trip to Mauritius during March and April of this year.

Jun. 25/12

Last April, a group of divers from Nottingham Trent University teamed up with a local dive centre and NGO in Blue Bay Mauritius to organize a series of Dive Against Debris events and reef surveys.

The diving team led by Dr Nicholas Ray (Senior Lecturer in Environmental Ecology and PADI MSDT), with the help of Coral Diving Centre staff, surveyed the lagoon and outer reef surrounding the south east corner of Mauritius.

Oct. 08/11
Ocean Spirit dive centre Mauritius
Royal Road Coast
19° 59' 36.3624" S, 57° 35' 31.452" E

Lagoon cleaning aiming at attracting local citizens of Mauritius for cleaning and environmental awareness promotion. The text bellow is in our local creol language. Look up on our face book for the short documentary and photos of this event as we will be working hard into making it at a good standard and hopefully edited on our local broadcast.