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Apr. 22/12
Sam's Tours KO 96940
7° 12' 0" N, 134° 15' 36" E

Sunday 22nd April - Earth Day Harbour Clean Up.

Sam's Tours, Royal Belau Yacht Club and Planet Blue have joined together with the Pathfinders Youth Organisation to remove rubbish from the mooring harbour around Sam's Tours and the Royal Belau Yacht Club. A combination of snokellers, kayaks, divers and boats will be joining efforts to collect as much rubbish from the area as possible, which is the first in a series of clean ups we have planned in Palau this year.

All participants to meet at Sam's Tours by 10am, and working through to 2pm.

Nov. 17/11
Adventure Divers
391/77-78 M.10, Tappraya Rd
Pattaya 20260
12° 54' 48.8628" N, 100° 52' 14.9556" E

A new project started in Pattaya - Mooring Bouy Deployment

Because of the lack of mooring buoys, the diving boats are throwing the anchors directly on the corals. It will soon destroy the best dive sites in our area. The local authorities don't do anything about it.

Because of that we did start this project. More information can be found on http://www.pattayadivers.com/2011/11/15/divers-helping-reefs/

If you are a AWARE and can afford to help, it will be well appriciated.