mooring buoys

Nov. 03/12
Playa La Boquita, Manzanillo, Col.
Av. Lazaro Cardenas 4035 Loc. 2 Camino Real
Zapopan 45040
19° 6' 25.2" N, 104° 23' 56.4" W

Limpieza de playa y colocacion de boyas de anclaje para evitar dañar el fondo marino evitando con este que se arrojen las anclas de las embarcaciones.

Se extiende la presente invitacion a todos aquellos buzos y no buzos que quieran colaborar ya sea colocando la boya de anclaje o recolectando basura en la playa o en el mar.

GDC proporcionara todo el equipo necesario para llevar a cabo las tareas de limpieza y colocacion de boya de anclaje.

Nov. 17/11
Adventure Divers
391/77-78 M.10, Tappraya Rd
Pattaya 20260
12° 54' 48.8628" N, 100° 52' 14.9556" E

A new project started in Pattaya - Mooring Bouy Deployment

Because of the lack of mooring buoys, the diving boats are throwing the anchors directly on the corals. It will soon destroy the best dive sites in our area. The local authorities don't do anything about it.

Because of that we did start this project. More information can be found on

If you are a AWARE and can afford to help, it will be well appriciated.

Oct. 05/11

Crystal Dive Resort is at the forefront of marine conservation and education in Thailand. From mooring buoys installation and Dive Against Debris activities, to coral reef monitoring, artificial reefs and community projects, the team at Crystal Dive is always busy helping to ensure their local marine ecosystems remain healthy and vibrant.