ocean acidification

Dec. 04/15

It was a bright day for the Ocean at the UN climate talks in Paris on Friday.

Over fifty of the world’s greatest advocates for the Ocean ranging from Environment Ministers, EU Commissioners, Ambassadors, UN officials and eminent scientists shared a common concern and call.

All cited the importance of a healthy Ocean for planetary stability, all lamented the current fragile state of the Ocean, and all called for cohesive action moving forward.

Dec. 03/11

Oceans Day 2011 addressed several issues related to marine biodiversity, including the ecosystem approach, payment for ecosystem services (PES), invasive marine species, ocean acidification, coral bleaching and fish stocks depletion.

Nov. 29/11

Large scale "geoengineering" solutions to climate change will not reverse rising acidity in the oceans which damages marine life, conservationists have warned.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) issued a call at the UN climate talks in Durban for countries to urgently address the issue of ocean acidification, caused by greater levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.