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Jan. 03/12
Blue Corner Dive Lembongan Nusa Lembongan Island
8° 40' 14.2788" S, 115° 27' 4.3272" E

PADI Distinctive Specialty Course:

Coral Watch Chart - Coral Health Monitoring Course


This one-day course is taught by Marine Biologist Andrew Taylor at Blue Corner Dive.

Students learn about the role of corals in tropical reef habitats, and the effects of climate change and human impacts on coral reefs. We then identify of coral forms and learn to recognize coral bleaching.

Jul. 14/11

What if we told you the effort you put forth as a diver to complete a PADI certification course could also support ocean protection projects?

Aug. 03/11
DiscoveryDivers Reeuwijk
Reeuwijkse Poort 307
Reeuwijk 2811 NV
52° 24' 56.9628" N, 4° 57' 56.952" E

Help our ocean - PADI AWARE specialty:

Join this course to discover truth of our legacy 'the ocean tragedy'. We'll inform you about the main issues of marine conservation using a lot of photo and video material. After joining this class you will be able to help protect 'Our Ocean' and become an AWARE Diver.

Tip: for divers and non-divers

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