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Planet Scuba

May. 01/12
Mae Haad Beach Seafarer mooring buoy
Moo 2 950m directly in front of Safety Stop Pub and Planet Scuba
Koh Tao 84360
10° 5' 11.6808" N, 99° 49' 19.5168" E

Yesterday, the 1st of May, we were on a mission. The Planet Scuba staff and customers banded together to clean up both underwater and on the beach for the Project Aware Dive Against Debris day.
A trip to the boat moorings in Mae Haad and a clean up of the adjoining beach helped, in some small measure, to restore these locations to their former glory.
Among the treasures recovered during our clean up (photos to follow):
Fishing nets
A spirit house stand (cast iron 50kg)
Oil filter
Pots and pans
!00s of bottles.