Jan. 02/14

Thousands of pieces of plastic have been discovered, submerged along the river bed of the upper Thames Estuary by scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London and the Natural History Museum.

The sheer amount of plastic recovered shows there is an unseen stream of rubbish flowing through London which could be a serious threat to aquatic wildlife. The findings, published online in Marine Pollution Bulletin, highlight the cause for concern, not only for ecosystems around the river but for the North Sea, in to which the Thames flows.

Jun. 21/13
Seminar hall of the Galapagos Science Center
Alsalcio Northia frente Playa Mann San Cristóbal Island
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
0° 54' 32.6916" S, 89° 37' 5.61" W


Results of our Ocean Action Project on the movement behavior of juvenile blacktip sharks will be presented to local authorities, the Galapagos National Park, the municipality and the general public at:

Science & Conservation in the Galapagos Islands:

A Summer Seminar Series at the Galapagos Science Center, San Cristobal Island

Sponsored by the Galapagos National Park & the Galapagos Science Center

Jun. 11/13
Meeting Point at Chaaya Blue Hotel in front of the "International Diving Center"
Upaveli beach, Trincomalee
Sri Lanka
8° 41' 15.9792" N, 81° 12' 12.1824" E

Now it's time to dive again AGAINST DEBRIS. Meetingpoint: 9 am in front of the International Diving Center.