scavenger hunt

Aug. 02/11


Project AWARE's Underwater Scavenger Hunt has just wrapped up and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. June and July gave way to an incredible show of support from Project AWARE divers as they worked to clean up their favorite dive sites and have a little fun while they did it.

Jul. 01/11
Pulau Semak Daun, Kepulauan Seribu
Jakarta Bay
Jakarta 10000
5° 42' 10.1988" S, 106° 32' 26.79" E

It's our regular one-day dive trip combined with Coral Watch and underwater cleanup activities.

We will be specifically conducting observation on the development of crown of thornes around the Karang Lebar area of Pulau Semak Daun. If the presence of COTs increased significantly, we will remove them to avoid further expansion and threat of coral bleaching.

As usual, we will collect underwater debris in every dive. Let's make our underwater planet cleaner and join the Aware Scavenger Hunt game :)


Welcome to the Project AWARE Global Underwater Scavenger Hunt!

We've had a great time playing the Scavenger Hunt with you! This contest is now closed and we've announced the winners -- click here to read about who won the contest. And please keep Diving Against Debris!

Here’s how the contest works: