sea turtles

Oct. 28/13

In October 2012, five incredible ocean actions were kickstarted thanks to your vote. 12 months on these awesome conservation projects are almost coming to an end. We caught up with two of our 2012 ocean heroes to find out exactly how your donation is making a big difference to ocean protection in their local communities.

Apr. 01/13

Sea turtles can get accidentally caught and killed in fishing operations, and new research out Monday seeks to map this phenomenon for the first time in a bid to save the endangered creatures.

The study in the journal Ecosphere said sea turtles in the East Pacific, North Atlantic, Southwest Atlantic and Mediterranean face the highest bycatch mortality rates.

Mar. 16/13
Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Hall Berkeley, CA
United States
37° 55' 18.0048" N, 122° 16' 59.97" W

Join The Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Green Sahnga, and leaders of the revolution to reduce plastic pollution for Plastics 360:  Impact & Possibilities.

Exciting presentations and dialogue with local sustainability leaders at take place during two interconnected events: