Jul. 27/15
Sinai Divers
Ghazala Beach Hotel, Naama Bay Between Tamtam & Kokai Restaurants
Sharm El-Sheikh
27° 54' 44.8992" N, 34° 19' 39.6804" E

Join us on our first clean up event in Sharm by "Sea Shepherd Dive - Sharm El-Sheikh".


Supported by Sinai Divers we will make a house reef clean up at Sinai Divers' House Reef.


Know who is Sea Shepherd and join us on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1438702416452312/permalink/1439678119688...

Feb. 21/14

With over 30 years experience in wildlife, underwater, aerial and sound sync lighting camera work, Jeff Goodman is an award winning cameraman filming and directing in varying habitats and conditions from underwater to aerials, from commercial studios to rain forests, from Arctic ice flows to deserts.