#Shark Conservation

May. 22/14

The Government is proposing to bring forward a total ban on the finning of dead sharks by two years in response to widespread public concern about the gruesome practice.

Conservation Minister Nick Smith originally planned to ban finning of all shark species, except blue sharks, by October 2015.

The ban on removing blue sharks' fins would have begun in October 2016.

This led to an outcry by conservation groups because blue shark was the species most affected by the finning practice.

Apr. 30/14

Supported by Emirates Diving Association and local businesses, Divers Down in Dubai is getting ready to host their bi-annual family day in support of Project AWARE's global Finathon®

Apr. 26/14

Which of these two groups do you think would know the whereabouts of sharks better: local dive guides or professional marine biologists?

In a new paper in PLoS ONE, marine researchers in Australia report on the reliability of data collected by experienced SCUBA divers. Can amateurs report observations of sharks accurately?

Apr. 24/14

Ever since Hans Christian Andersen put pen to paper, it has been every little girl's dream to become a mermaid! With a little help from Kat Felton, professional mermaid, underwater model and PADI scuba instructor, this year’s Miss Scuba UK finalists are in for a treat!