shark conservation

Aug. 17/12
Sharm el Sheikh Sharm el Sheikh
27° 51' 30.6144" N, 34° 16' 38.4384" E

Calling out to all instructors and dive guides working in the Red Sea this summer.

Help us to help the sharks. Marine biologist Angela Warrior is here as part of her Red Sea Shark Warriors program to assess the number of sharks being seen in the Red Sea this summer.

Dive guides may have noted that their numbers have been decreasing over the years, and this needs to be registered and addressed.

Jul. 12/12

Ten species – including hammerheads, tope, and shortfin mako – will now be strictly protected under the Barcelona Convention

The EU has finally voted in favour of strictly protecting ten threatened species of sharks and rays in the Mediterranean Sea, under the Barcelona Convention.

May. 30/12

On World Oceans Day 08th June 2012, Project AWARE mascots, Finn and Finley, will return to the Project AWARE office where their touring adventures started a year ago. MORE

May. 01/12

With your help, the voice for shark protection has grown - 100,000 strong!

April's Big Shark Shout Out 2012 has ended with a very loud and clear message to global policy makers that 100,972 SCUBA divers and shark advocates are demanding effective and enforceable shark protection measures.

Project AWARE is going to great lengths to ensure our collective voice helps secure trade protection for the most v MORE

Mar. 30/12

Fishing nations of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) today agreed to protect oceanic whitetip sharks based on a U.S. proposal, while an Australian proposal to ban intentional setting of purse seine nets on whale sharks (to catch associated aggregations of tuna) was stalled by Japan.

Apr. 03/12

It's a face only a mother could love. Hammerhead sharks aren't winning any beauty pageants with their oddly shaped, mallet heads and beady eyes peering off in opposite directions. 

During April's Big Shark Shout Out, we'll explore some unique shark features and facts beginning with Cara Hodgson's article shedding some light on hammerheads unique shaped head.

Mar. 26/12

The discovery of a new species of hammerhead shark may sound like bad news for swimmers. But shark bites are rare, and it turns out this may be worse news for sharks.

The shark, as yet unnamed, closely resembles the scalloped hammerhead shark, a species currently up for protection as an endangered species due to the high commercial demand for its fins.

Apr. 04/12
Malapascua's Thresher Shark Divers
Malapascua Island,
Malapascua Island 6013
11° 19' 35.616" N, 124° 6' 55.062" E

In the thresher shark capital of the world....


.... April 5th is the start of "Holy Week" in the Philippines, otherwise known as Easter. It is also the busiest week of the year on Malapascua Island, home of the famous thresher sharks, when shark lovers descend en masse on the tiny island to get up close and personal with this normally elusive shark. 

What better time to join Project AWARE's Big Shark Shout Out and collect as many signatures as possible!

Mar. 09/12

Scientists say the market for shark fin soup is the likeliest reason for the sharp drop in blue shark numbers over the last 30 years.

They discovered that the sharks feed in exactly the same places in the ocean that long-line fishing boats operate, which means they get caught along with other target fish.

The researchers add that such regions are ideal places to implement so-called marine protected areas, where fishing is banned, to safeguard blue sharks and other vulnerable species.

Mar. 05/12
The spectacular snouts of sawfish are revealed as complete hunting weapons, sensing prey and killing them.

The saws, which can grow more than a metre long in some species, have previously been identified as able to sense prey by their electric fields.

Now, researchers have filmed the fish impaling prey on the teeth of the saws.

They suggest in Current Biology that sawfish are more active hunters than previously thought, which could help in their much-needed MORE