shark conservation

Jan. 26/13

The United States said Friday it would support proposals to curb the trade of five shark species and manta rays, whose numbers are declining because of demand for fins and gills.

"For several decades, we have been increasingly concerned about the over harvest of sharks and manta rays," US Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe said in a meeting at the United Nations, according to a statement.

Nov. 22/12
Ocean Quest Dive Centre
3790 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 1Y4
49° 14' 56.3388" N, 123° 0' 20.4336" W

Lee Newman is the Curator of Tropical Waters at Vancouver Aquarium as well as one of British Columbia's most active divers and underwater photographers.

Lee will discuss important Shark Conservation Conservation issues that effect divers both on local and international scale.  Lee will also overview a variety of shark species including those found in British Columbia. 

Join us for this fun and interesting evening!


Oct. 07/12

The UAE should introduce tough new measures to protect threatened shark species, according to one of the organisers of a conservation conference taking place this week.

The Emirates took action in 2008 by banning the finning of live sharks at sea and outlawing shark fishing from January 1 to April 30 each year.

But Jonathan Ali Khan, a shark expert and wildlife filmmaker, said the UAE should take its policies one step further and ban imports and exports of shark fins and imports of whole sharks. He would also like to see the no-fishing period extended.

Oct. 02/12

Sharks have a direct lineage to the Jurassic era, predating the dinosaurs. Despite existing for millions of years, it is questionable whether all of their types will see out the next 100. Global landings of sharks in the early 1950s were around 200,000 tons per year. By 2011 it was estimated that up to 73 million sharks were being captured by year.

Sep. 16/12

Time to celebrate! As the IUCN World Conservation Congress ended last week, the global conservation community voted in favor of critical shark conservation measures for threatened shark species including species-specific steps needed to protect mako and hammerhead sharks.

Apr. 23/13
Similan & Surin National Parks Khao Lak
9° 25' 38.5932" N, 97° 53' 17.4624" E

Join Blue Guru's last eco-liveaboard trip of this season!


You'll enjoy 14 dives over 4 days in:

- Similan Islands (resident turtles);

- Koh Bon (manta ray hotspot);

- Koh Tachai (leopard shark hangout); 

- Thailand's top dive site, Richelieu Rock (whale shark magnet).

During the trip participants will complete 2 included PADI specialty courses:

- Whale Shark Awareness

- Manta Ray Awareness

There is also an opportunity for extra eco-education, e.g.:

- Shark Conservation Diver

Aug. 17/12
Sharm el Sheikh Sharm el Sheikh
27° 51' 30.6144" N, 34° 16' 38.4384" E

Calling out to all instructors and dive guides working in the Red Sea this summer.

Help us to help the sharks. Marine biologist Angela Warrior is here as part of her Red Sea Shark Warriors program to assess the number of sharks being seen in the Red Sea this summer.

Dive guides may have noted that their numbers have been decreasing over the years, and this needs to be registered and addressed.

Jul. 12/12

Ten species – including hammerheads, tope, and shortfin mako – will now be strictly protected under the Barcelona Convention

The EU has finally voted in favour of strictly protecting ten threatened species of sharks and rays in the Mediterranean Sea, under the Barcelona Convention.

May. 30/12

On World Oceans Day 08th June 2012, Project AWARE mascots, Finn and Finley, will return to the Project AWARE office where their touring adventures started a year ago. MORE

May. 01/12

With your help, the voice for shark protection has grown - 100,000 strong!

April's Big Shark Shout Out 2012 has ended with a very loud and clear message to global policy makers that 100,972 SCUBA divers and shark advocates are demanding effective and enforceable shark protection measures.

Project AWARE is going to great lengths to ensure our collective voice helps secure trade protection for the most v MORE