shark conservation

Apr. 01/11
All dive sites on the planet 6° 0' 0" N, 116° 0' 0" E

Global Shark Survey

The Global Shark Survey is extracting diver observation data from the records stored in dive log books around the world. Simple records, hours underwater, sharks seen, when & where.  Remember zero sharks seen is a very significant number - send us all the dives where you did NOT see sharks.


On Thursday 19th May 2011, we took our shark petition to the streets of Bristol City Centre. We had so much fun! PADI colleagues and Phil from West Country Divers, a local dive center, also joined us. We asked as many Broadmead shoppers as possible to sign the Project AWARE "Give Sharks a Fighting Chance" petition campaign. The response was great and even though some people didn't want to sign it, we managed to, if not change their minds, at least make them think about the plight of our sharks.