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Mar. 11/13

Last Thursday, 7th March at a reception dedicated to sharks at the Retro Café, Bangkok, Project AWARE welcomed CITES country delegations and turned over more than 135,000 shark petition signatures from scuba divers and shark supporters in more than 228 countries, territories and areas of special interest.

Mar. 08/13

Project AWARE, dive business owners and dive supporters united as the voice of the dive community in Bangkok, Thailand at the sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CITES CoP16). On 1 March, before the meeting opened, we made our message loud and clear – healthy shark and ray populations are priceless.

Aug. 19/12
Plate Taille, Eau d'Heure
50° 11' 2.1588" N, 4° 23' 15.594" E
A l'occasion de la traditionnelle Shark Week sur Discovery Channel, 25eme année, nous vous proposons de vous joindre au mouvement de 2 manières: Project AWARE Foundation
1: si vous arrivez maquillé ou déguisé en requin sympa le Sunday du 19 aout à Plate Taille, Helene Diving vous offrira votre carte Project Aware Shark lors de votre prochaine certification. MORE
May. 07/12

Sharks are in peril and the ability to buy and sell their fins and meat internationally is a big driver of shark over-exploitation. And regulation is sorely lacking for almost all trade in sharks which are sought for fins, meat, oil, teeth and cartilage.

Mar. 09/12

Project AWARE is pounding the pavement to make the ocean safer for some of the most overexploited sharks. We have less than a year to secure international trade protections for sharks at the next meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CITES CoP16) to be held in March 2013, Thailand.

Jan. 23/12

Overfishing. Finning. Endangered. These are all words that we should not have to associate with global shark species.

“Accumulating science tells us that sharks are critical components to healthy and thriving marine ecosystems,” says Roger McManus, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Project AWARE board member.

Nov. 08/11
Coral Grand Divers
Sairee Beach
Koh Tao 84360
10° 5' 30.876" N, 99° 49' 57.9504" E


At Coral Grand Divers we take Marine Conservation very seriously so we decided to join Project AWARE's Big Shark Shout Out and give a fighting chance to sharks!

Oct. 31/11

Project AWARE's Big Shark Shout Out Week has just wrapped up and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the noise you've made for sharks. October gave way to an incredible show of support from divers around the world as they shouted out loud that sharks need urgent protection.

Project AWARE, as a steering group member of the Shark Alliance, co-ordinated Big Shark Shout Out activities in support of European Shark Week not only in Europe, but globally, gaining huge support from the diving community.


My stay in Kenya with Buccaneer Diving is now coming to an end ... )-: but before I go I promised my Project AWARE friends I would collect petition signatures for the Give Sharks a Fighting Chance petition.

Our latest addition to the Ratu Kini Dive Team - Sami-Reid Cooney, only just got certified as a Divemaster with us... but she's been working hard for months trying to inspire the guests to help save the sharks! MORE