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Jun. 26/11
Kegelhof Communication Cafe
Kegelhofstrasse 49
Hamburg, HH 20251
53° 19' 48" N, 10° 0' 0" E


DEEPWAVE present a photographic exhibition


Aidez-nous à donner aux requins une chance de survie – Signez la pétition !

Rejoignez les plongeurs AWARE du monde entier en demandant que l’on donne aux requins une chance de survie.


Back in March I met with the Australian CITES Representatives to talk about AWARE's Sharks in Peril campaign. I spoke about our petition - back in March 50,000 people had signed demanding sharks get the protection they deserve.

One thing was very clear from this meeting - Divers can play a critical role in lobbying for increased protection. We have voting power - and we can choose to use this power and lobby for change.


So Finn arrived in the Bristol office to start his exploration of the world and begin his mission to spread the word about dwindling shark populations.

May. 02/11

PARIS — Sharks can be worth far more when they are swimming around the reef than when they are in a bowl of soup — as much as nearly $2 million each, in fact, according to the results of a study released Monday.


With ever increasing threats to our ocean planet, working globally and acting locally has never been so important.

You can empower your local ocean community to take conservation action to a whole new level of change. With measured results, on the ground and under the water action, your Ocean Action Project brings us one step closer to a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet by addressing the root causes of marine debris or shark and ray protection issues. 


I love to be proactive. I sit at work all day thinking about ways I can spread the word that sharks need our protection. So, I gathered up a team of shark lovers from the PADI office in Bristol as well as some friends from the area and I challenged us all to take the streets of the city centre to let the people of Bristol know that we all need to protect our ocean planet!