Apr. 07/12
Restaurante El Rincón de Peña Parda
Paseo Andrés Segovia, 65,
La Herradura, GD 18697
36° 44' 19.0536" N, 3° 45' 11.2572" W

An exploratory dive to investigate what debris is lingers in one of  La Herradura's many dive sites, and an expedition to clear it up whilst we're are in the area.

An oppertunity to give something back to the waters that have given us so much.

Bring yourself, your equipment, a bottle and a bag you can use to deposit the debris in.

Mar. 17/12
Diving Locker Vancouver
2745 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K 1P9
49° 16' 6.5172" N, 123° 10' 2.244" W

Green Is Clean

9:00 A.M.


Help us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the true spirit of being green by joining us for an Underwater Cleanup Contest and BBQ. We`ll show you that Spring cleaning can be fun as we dive to clean up our beautiful underwater world. Prizes will be given to the diver team who collect the most trash and to the diver team who finds the most unique piece of trash (or treasure!). Families and snorkelers also welcome! Two tanks, BBQ and refreshments provided as well as all clean up materials.

Feb. 04/12
Mission Point
2600 Bayside Lane
United States
32° 45' 37.1592" N, 117° 14' 49.8516" W

                    HOUSE OF SCUBA PRESENTS


       House of SCUBA is very enthusiastic about promoting S.A.F.E and clean diving!  Our 2012 commitment is to bring back at least one piece of trash with every dive.


So today's little dive on the House Reef was a real success - I collected 2  bags full of trash / treasure... which amounted to - 17 plastic water bottles, 18 bottle caps, 2 plastic shampoo bottles, 4 food wraps / pots, 1 metal can and 2 flip flops - I'm just not going to comment on the flip flops any more!!! Great visibility on the dive and I also saw a lion fish, leopard flounder, lots of butterfly fish and a a spotted puffer! At the moment I feel like a real eco warrior - protecting the ocean planet one dive at a time! 


Woo hoo!! Day 3 of my pledge to collect trashy marine treasure was a great success. Back out on the House Reef and today's haul was: 16 plastic drinks bottles, 1 plastic shampoo bottle, 16 plastic food pots (yoghurt pots), 1 flip flop (I still don't understand the amount of flip flops out there!), 1 piece of nylon rope and a badminton shuttlecock?????? Job done for the day. Back out with my collection bag tomorrow - one person can make a difference - in just 3 days that's a lot of plastic.......


I am loving the Project AWARE Trash is Treasure campaign and I'm pledging that from tomorrow I will endeavor to recover trash on every dive for the rest of the month AND on days when I am not diving I will go and clean up the beach! I can't arrange clean ups this month as we are so busy on the island but I am taking the Project AWARE slogan of One Dive At A Time to heart - if any one is reading this - why not do the same!!!?? Let's clean our seas and favorite dive spots!!!


This week has been a busy one for mola mola sightings around Nusa Penida. The water temperature around the islands has dropped from 30 degrees (which we experience from November to May) to an average temperature this week of just 24 and some even colder thermo clines. Whilst this means we have been shivering a bit it also brings the mola mola! The main spots where we have been seeing them are Buyuk on the North coast of Nusa Penida, Blue Corner on Lembongan and also Crystal Bay on the South coast of Penida.


Don’t let your dives go to waste! Grab your mesh bag, scuba gear and a data card. Take a giant stride and Dive Against Debris.

Scuba divers have cleaned debris from underwater environments for decades. But despite our best efforts, the trash from our daily lives keeps piling up.

In response to the onslaught of marine debris, one of the biggest ocean issues of our time, Project AWARE launched Dive Against Debris.