Jan. 24/15
Matemwe, Scubafish Zanzibar dive center Matemwe
5° 51' 44.1036" S, 39° 21' 17.4276" E

Big Sunday beach cleanup on the main beach of Matemwe, where fishermen, hotel guests and kids spend most of their time during the day. The high tide early in the morning will leave many pieces of plastic and others debris, including fabric clothing, used ciment bags, lonely flip flops and many other items  that get stuck in the lagoon. We will get the help from Zanrec, a recycling company which works on the island and has set educational and awareness programs for the local population.

Jul. 30/14

September is Project AWARE’s Debris Month of Action – a time when thousands of scuba divers around the world unite and take action against marine debris – the ocean’s silent killer. But don’t think of it as just a one-time dive to take out the trash. It’s so much more than that. It’s a rallying cry. A rumble, if you will, with one of the biggest ocean issues of our time – marine debris.